Doles Ga.

Bio: I'm a Christian and a 32° Scottish Rite Mason. Member Monument 741 in Albany Ga. I Love my wife Lisa. My wife mom and I all have multiple sclerosis (ms). My mom 1 of our daughters 3 grand-kids and I also have NF, I am disabled due to (ms) I do not use a wheelchair but sometimes a cane and I like to hunt, target shoot and fish. SKYWARN, NAVY-MARINE CORPS MILITARY AUXILIARY RADIO SYSTEM and ham radio. I suffer memory and cognitive problems due to the MS. I need a place to hunt and help getting kill out of woods and to the processor. I'm in southwest Ga. near Albany and Sylvester Ga. On ss and wife is a 1st grade teacher so I have no money for a lease.To all my friends that are amateur radio or have a shortwave radio I invite you to tune to 7.280 for the Ambassadors for Christ Amateur Radio Net. M-F 2-3 pm and Sat.3-4 pm getbible.org I'm a life member of the North American Hunting Club and North American Fishing Club. Unfortunately I did not serve my country I tried to enlist back in the 80's and got a permanent medical disqualification. My father in law passed away I told my mother in law that I was going to sell some stuff off to pay our share and she said okay, so I sold my M&P 15 and was about to sell my ham radio to pay for our share of the funeral expenses.over $2,000 Then the mother in law refused to take any money, she told us to pay bills. I was going to get another AR but my wife paid paid a couple of bills and had a little left for a vacation. Now I have no guns and no money, but fond memories of target and armadillo shooting. I recon that's what I get for trying to do the right thing but I was raised to pay my share of things. I'll beg and borrow before I sell off another firearm, knife or any weapon that god blesses me with in the future.

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